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Grand Casino Players Club - where your game matters more!

GRAND CASINO PLAYERS CLUB is a unique loyalty club that provides players with numerous benefits and discounts.


Joining the Grand Casino Players Club is FREE at the casino reception. You will need a VALID IDENTITY DOCUMENT for membership. With the help of the receptionist and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you will fill out and sign an admission statement.

Upon joining, we invite you to provide your phone number or email address, as this will ensure you are best informed about all current promotions and prize games intended for club members.


Using the Grand Casino Players Club card is simple. When playing on slot machines or electronic roulettes, insert the card into the slot to actively participate in collecting points. Your game at the gaming tables will be recorded by the supervisor.

  • For every €4 played on slot machines, you receive 1 point.
  • For every €8 played on electronic roulettes and video poker machines, you receive 1 point.
  • Points earned at gaming tables depend on the type of game, playing time, and average bet.

Club membership, club card, accumulated points, and benefits are NOT TRANSFERABLE to other persons.

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