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The Grand Casino Portorož has been a key part of the gambling history in Portorož and a significant factor in tourism along the Slovenian coast for over 110 years. Renowned as the hallmark of Portorož and possibly even the entire Slovenian coastline, the Grand Casino Portorož has become an indispensable part not only of Slovenian gambling but also of the tourism offerings along the Slovenian coast. In fact, one might argue that tourism in Portorož is based on, or even exists exclusively because of this gambling establishment.

At the Grand Casino Portorož, visitors can immerse themselves in a vast gaming area with 23 gaming tables and 230 slot machines. Additionally, the casino offers entertaining events, excellent hotel accommodations, and stunning sea views. It serves as a destination for high-stakes players and those seeking relaxation.

As mentioned, the history of the Grand Casino Portorož dates back to 1913, during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The first gambling games in the region were organized at Villa San Lorenzo, where the Grand Casino Portorož now stands.

However, Villa San Lorenzo wasn’t solely dedicated to gambling activities. It served as a venue for significant social gatherings, evenings of entertainment, dances, performances, and sporting events. Due to disruptions caused by the World Wars and subsequent decreases in tourist numbers, the momentum waned. The idea was revived in 1964 when an Italian company, C.E.G.A. from San Remo, revitalized the casino in what was then the Palace Hotel, as there was not enough knowledge in Slovenia for establishing and managing a casino. Moreover, due to regulations, only foreigners could gamble, not Slovenians.

This led to a gambling boom, and due to increasing attendance, the casino was too small. Therefore, it was “relocated” again in 1972. It now operates in a somewhat modernized form, but still with a touch of tradition.