Experience the Las Vegas sparkle and join us at the legendary American Roulette table.

Minimum / Maximum bet: 2 € / 100 €
Simple chance: Minimum bet 10 €


The Black Jack lovers can try their luck and test their skills in one of the most popular classical games of our gaming area. You can win over the croupier if your card total is 21 or as near as 21 as can be, but in any case higher than the total sum of the croupier, without ever exceeding 21.

Minimum / Maximum bet: 10 € / 200 €


In this entertaining and unforgettable game, the players try to combine the cards in the best possible manner. Similar to the classical poker where players receive three cards each, the game variant Caribbean Draw Poker is played with five cards against the croupier. Players aim to combine a better Poker of five cards than that of the croupier.

Minimum / Maximum bet: 5 € / 100 €
Minimum / Maximum bet: 10 € / 200 €


The Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is a recent poker variant, which has gained the hearts of the card-playing lovers. The game is played »heads up«, meaning that players use the best card combination against the card dealer. Side bets (Bonuses) are allowed during playing. The player and the dealer get two cards each, upon which five group cards are uncovered, which both players use to build the best possible card combination of five cards. The one with the higher combination wins.

Minimum / Maximum bet: 5 € / 50 €


The Punto Banco is the US variant of the Baccarat game.
In Punto Banco the aim is to determine whether »Punto« or »Banco« will win. The winning player is the one whose card total is as near to nine as possible. If there is a draw, the bets are returned by the croupier.

Minimum / Maximum bet: 20 € / 500 €


Bingo is played in the Bingo salon twice per day, at 7 30 pm and at 10 30 pm, 365 days a year.
A Bingo card costs five EUR.


Our gaming machines boast three-hundred and sixty playing spots with four electronic roulettes of the latest generation, featuring state-of-the-art graphics, bonus games and progressively increasing jackpots.