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PROMO 80€ = 100€

At Grand Casino Portorož, we are proud to present our exceptional Monday promotion: “80=100”. This special offer is designed to reward our guests with additional value for their money. Every Monday, when purchasing a ticket worth €80, our guests receive €100 in gaming tokens, meaning for every €80 spent, they actually receive €100 worth of play.

This “80=100” promotion reflects our commitment to providing added value and satisfaction to our guests. With every ticket you buy, not only do you increase your chances of winning, but you also get more for your money. At Grand Casino Portorož, we believe that every visit is an opportunity for our guests to experience more than just the game – it’s an opportunity to take advantage of exceptional offers that enrich your casino experience.

Join us every Monday and take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity waiting for you. We are confident that our “80=100” promotion will add extra value to your casino experience and perhaps even bring you closer to a big win.